Posted: April 10, 2012

Homeowners urged to extend house before 2014

Those planning to add a conservatory to their home have been urged to act fast to avoid being stung by new ‘green’ laws proposed by the government.

Ministers have suggested that anyone planning to extend their home should only be granted planning permission if their house has been fully insulated.

This means that those without the necessary insulation face paying up to £10,000 extra should they want to add a conservatory or a loft conversion to their home.

According to The Press Association, the new laws would come into place in April 2014 if approved by the government. News of these proposals may encourage homeowners to stump up the cash for an extension and extras like conservatory blinds before then.

In an article for, Daily Mail columnist Christopher Brooker led the calls urging Brits to make their home improvements as soon as possible.

He said: “Anyone thinking of building a new conservatory, replacing their old boiler or putting in new windows had better move fast. If they wait a couple of years they could find themselves falling foul of a deluge of new ‘green’ red tape that will leave them paying thousands of pounds extra.”

The rules would also apply to those planning other home improvements, such as replacing a boiler or installing new windows.

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