Homeowners clueless as to what improvements boost value of a home

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Most homeowners aren’t aware of what improvements are best for adding value to a home, according to a new survey.

In a poll conducted by Topps Tiles, 75 per cent of homeowners were unable to correctly identify the most prioftable improvements that can be made.

Over half of those questioned believed that installing a new kitchen is the best way to add value to a home, when in fact, the additions of loft extensions and conservatories can prove far more profitable.

Build.co.uk reports that a conservatory can add an average of £12,551 to a home, despite the majority costing homeowners under £10,000. This value could be boosted further by adding complimentary furnishings such as drapes or conservatory blinds.

Aol.co.uk confirmed that men were far more accurate in their perceptions of what improvements boost the value a home. 43 per cent of male respondents were able to identify extensions as a key way to a boost a home’s value, whilst just 33 per cent of women could do the same.

Evaluating the study, a spokesperson from Topps Tiles commented: “As a general trend, women tended to think that improving the interior of their home would add the most value, whilst men tended to opt for home improvements that create more rooms and space.”

A new kitchen, new windows and a new bathroom also ranked highly in the table of value-adding home improvements.