Glass use need not stop at conservatories

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Homeowners could take inspiration from a new show and extend their use of glass past their conservatories into the garden.

Owen Booth, project manager at Metro GlassTech, told Voxy that his team has enjoyed exploring the “diversity of glass” during the planning of the group’s exhibition at the Ellerslie International Flower Show next month.

For the spectacle, he will surround a conservatory-style glasshouse with a complementary garden that will feature a number of glass decorations, including paths made from the material and glass orbs in different colours.

By adopting this aesthetic, people can enhance the glass-oriented style of in home when their conservatory blinds are pulled up. Mr Booth suggested glass adds a new dimension to the garden.

He said: “The glasshouse in this garden will not be used so much as a place to grow plants but will have a conservatory feel and will be surrounded by a meadow of soft whimsical grasses with bluish hues. Lancewoods will also be used for a strong structural element connecting the meadow with the contemporary structure.”

But Mr Booth is not the only person backing the use of glass decorations in the garden; Fox News reporter Adam Verwymeren claimed that ‘terrariums’ are making a big comeback in the gardening world.

The clear spheres, used for planting various types of greenery, can be hung up and also come in peculiar shapes, adding personality to an outdoor area.