Experts explain how to keep the conservatory warm

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Two industry experts have advised how to keep a conservatory warm throughout the autumn and winter months.

Ben Saffer, a “green living advocate”, said that the easiest measure to take is to install some conservatory blinds, as they can absorb heat and prevent it from escaping.

Speaking to Green Economy, he suggested the “right fabric” will also allow natural light through at the same time. This means that not only will the conservatory be warm, but it will offer protection from glare and save on heating costs.

The roof is the “biggest culprit”, an expert at added. While the best option is always the expensive one – replacing the roof with heat-efficient glass – it is possible to fit heat reflective inserts which are also effective. This can be done at home easily.

People should choose their heating options wisely, the website went on to say. If central heating hasn’t been extended into the structure, a heater will be needed in winter. However Britons shouldn’t be tempted by smaller heaters, as these will need to be left on for longer periods.

Instead, a large appliance with a built in thermostat will “not only heat the conservatory quicker, but can actually help to keep down conservatory heating costs.”

For those really serious about insulating their conservatory, then the floor ought to be tackled, the experts concluded.

All glass houses are built on a concrete foundation, but the space between the concrete and the conservatory flooring varies. To minimise heat-seepage, this area needs to be insulated with a thick underlay.