Expert offers seasonal heating advice for conservatories

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Homeowners must consider how their conservatory will be used at all times of the year to make the most of it, a specialist has said.

Giles Willson, deputy chief executive officer for the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF), issued his advice just as the summer period begins to wane, making way for the cooler months.

In a report, he recommends the use of energy-efficient insulating glass units – which include low emissivity glass – as these are able to maintain the temperature inside during cooler periods of the year.

However, he also said that the the orientation of the conservatory is an important factor in determining how hot or cool the room will be. As well as using conservatory blinds to protect the room from direct sunlight, Willson said that solar control window-glass could also be considered.

He added that the roof and its materials should also not be forgotten. This could be either glass or polycarbonate, for example.

“Glass gives you a clear view up through the roof [and] the use of laminated glass and safety filmed glasses can add protection from falling debris through the roof of the conservatory,” he said.

Small changes could also save homeowners a lot of money. Willson says that heating appliances should have their own thermostatic controls, for example, which allow for the separate control of the conservatory’s temperature.

Natural ventilation meanwhile is also a cost-free and practical exercise for controlling temperature. Trickle vents, top opening windows and roof vents that are installed when the conservatory is still “on the drawing board” are advised.

Plus, “the use of natural ventilation is far more economical (and better for the planet) than air conditioning,” concluded Willson on