Estate agent highlights effects of improvements on home value

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Different home improvements will have distinct effects on a house’s value, an estate agent has noted, with conservatories having real potential for investment growth.

Mark Newton, an expert from Newton Fallowell, explained on that people may not always get back the money they invest in a property when it is time to move.

Mr Newton remarked: “Home improvements might make a house more marketable but won’t always add value, so don’t launch into expensive projects just because you expect to make a killing when you sell. It is also worth knowing which jobs are most likely to recoup your investment and what you should expect to make a loss on.”

The news resource picked out conservatories, loft conversions and extensions as options that can add up to ten per cent to a home’s value, but also stressed the importance of retaining a satisfactory sized garden. Once they have completed their extension they can begin to think about whether they want blinds, window shutters or some other form of window dressing to keep out the light.

In a separate article on, homeowners are told that a conservatory has the potential to be a deciding factor when they are selling their home; however, it is necessary to keep them tidy and free of clutter, so people may need to move items such as bikes somewhere else.