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Britain’s flying ants have set off on their yearly excursion causing turmoil amongst our gardens and leaving the nation curious to where they’ve all come from. With even celebrities like Eamonn Holmes tweeting their displeasure, it seems like everyone is talking about the airborne bugs.

Where have they come from?

One day a year ants fly their nest to start new colonies. The queen ant will leave the nest with a number of male ants and begin their flight to try and find a partner to start a new colony.

This is commonly known as Flying Ant Day, however this doesn’t necessarily happen all in one day. It can take a couple of weeks for all of the ants across the country to fly the nest.

What happens to ants for the rest of the year?

Over the winter months, ant colonies remain dormant as the cooler weather sets in. Come spring, the queen ant starts to produce offspring, who are cared for by the workers until it is time for the next swarm. Finally when the weather conditions are right, typically warm and humid, the ants will leave their nest for ‘Flying Ant Day’.

How to protect your home

At Appeal, we’ve found a way to enjoy our home without worrying about intruding insects, as you can see in our blog offering top tips to defend your home against an insect invasion.

We offer a simple and effective solution to keep the pesky insects out of your home with retractable insect screens.

The screen is specially designed to keep the pesky bugs outside without obstructing your view to your garden but still letting fresh-air flow through your home – so now you can say goodbye to all unwelcome flying visitors.