Difference between orangery and conservatory explained

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The difference between an orangery and a conservatory relates to the formation of their roofs as well as their walls, it has been noted.

Writing for telegraph.co.uk, Christopher Middleton explained that while a conservatory will be glazed all over, including the top and sides, an orangery will often boast a flat roof, as well as solid walls in places. Essentially, an orangery is more like a normal room than a greenhouse.

Another key difference between the two also relates to the price of installing such features in a home. Mr Middleton suggested that people may have to pay around £5,000 to construct a conservatory on the side of a home, before investing in decorative touches such as blinds or window shutters.

In comparison, he claimed an orangery is likely to start from about £20,000, which arguably explains why they tend to be found in stately homes and tourist landmarks, rather than average homes.

According to prestwichandwhitefieldguide.co.uk, the orangery at Heaton Park in Greater Manchester looks set to be key to plans to increase visitor numbers from two million to three million per year.

Manchester City Council has drawn up a proposal that includes opening up the Stables Cafe and orangery as a quality dining location, as well as staging more musical events in the park.