Conservatory solves houseplant light needs

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Home-owners struggling to give their houseplants enough light have been advised to build a conservatory.

Beth Botts wrote in the Orlando Sentinel that shade is a “harsh fact of indoor life” which can stop many flowers from surviving, since light is such an important factor for greenery.

She pointed out that each plant has different requirements, but in an ideal world people would have a full conservatory with a misting system to recreate optimum conditions for many exotic plants.

However, Botts described how some species can get “sunburned” if they get too much light over the course of the day, so it may be necessary to close the conservatory blinds at certain points.

“If your houseplants could talk, they’d be wailing at this time of year. When light grows scarce and the heat comes on, indoors becomes a tough place for a plant,” she added.

Writing for networx, horticulturalist Erica Glasener suggested that another equally important factor alongside light and heat is water. She noted that the wrong amount of watering could cause plants to struggle.

She recommended touching the soil around a flower to see if it needs any water; if it is dry to the touch then it could use some moisture. The expert also urged people to use a clean cloth or mister to clean the leaves of their plants.