Conservatory roof can cause gutter expansion

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A property expert has urged conservatory owners not to use Solarblue Ultima E glass panels with PVC-U house guttering.

Responding to a reader question in The Telegraph, Jeff Howells explained that this type of guttering has a high coefficient of thermal expansion, which means that temperature alterations can cause it expand or contract by 1mm per metre.

He pointed out that people using Solarblue Ultima E glass panels on the roof of their conservatory may not be aware that this type material creates a layer of hot air due to its ability to reflect infra-red radiation.

All of this combines to cause the guttering to change shape and potentially create issues for the homeowner, who is unlikely to see such activity occurring when they open their conservatory blinds.

“This problem is a good example of the law of unintended consequences. Two modern materials that don’t get on when used in proximity,” said Mr Howells.

For those who are in the process of constructing or improving areas of their home, advice came from an unusual source recently, as Hollywood megastar Brad Pitt pointed out that quality workmanship at the building stage can make all the difference when it comes to cutting energy bills, reported Hot Goss.

“You build it tight, sealing it; you build in the direction of the sun and the wind; and you use solar and water collection. It’s not that hard to do,” he remarked, adding that such techniques have the capability to drastically reduce people’s utility costs.