Conservatory “my favourite room”, says artist

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An artist has described how the conservatory is her favourite place to relax following a full renovation of her farmhouse home.

Francoise Cloutier, a calligrapher, explained to The Gazette that there were several aspects of the property that she disliked when she moved in and added that in 2003, she opted to remedy the situation.

Having already renovated a house before, Ms Cloutier said she had some idea of how to make the changes, but called in a technician to help with the details.

She has ended up with a home boasting lots of natural light thanks to the installation of 40 windows, although the addition of conservatory blinds would allow her to shut out the light as and when she wishes.

“When I added this conservatory, I decided to insulate it, rather than use it just in the summer. I’m really glad because it’s sunny all year round and it has become my favourite room in the house,” added Ms Cloutier.

As well as being popular places for people to relax, conservatories are a great place to grow plants due to the wealth of natural light they boast. The Chicago Tribune pointed out that horticultural enthusiasts should pay attention to the temperature when growing exotic flowers in such rooms.

The publication remarked that cold weather can be very bad for delicate plants, so it is important to keep the air warm inside during autumn and winter, which could be achieved by installing blinds or other devices.