Conservatory can help sell a house

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Installing a conservatory could help home-owners sell their property, according to a housing expert.

The Independent reporter Alan Cleaver wrote in the publication’s Online House Hunter blog that that this type of “add-on” can boost the price of a residence, as well as make it easier to sell on.

In his opinion, the key to selling a house is to work out which type of benefit would work best compared with the cost of construction. Home-owners can then calculate if the installation of a glass-based extension and conservatory blinds could be beneficial to their cause.

Summarising his view on housing sales, Mr Cleaver said: “Identify the stumbling block: If you’re friends won’t tell you, then ask your estate agent what is the main stumbling block. It could be something ‘unsolvable’ such as lack of parking but it could equally be something that can easily be put right.”

For example – a conservatory could be a dealbreaker for a horticulture enthusiast who wants an indoor space for growing exotic or temperamental plants. According to the Carmarthen Journal, glass structures of this kind are great for cultivating terrestrial orchids such as the pleione, originally from the Himalayas.

The regional newspaper revealed that there are about 250 types of pleione available in the UK, but they tend not to be “hardy” enough to be grown outside.