Conservatory blinds can help people go green

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Home-owners should consider their energy usage when raising and lowering their conservatory blinds, it has been claimed.

According to the key is to use sunlight wisely, since rays from the sun can help heat up a room and stop people from needing to turn up their radiators.

It urged consumers to leave blinds open on sunny days and close them at night to keep all the warmth in during the hours of darkness. In contrast, if people are using air conditioners during the summer, they should close the blinds to keep the cool air in.

Writing for Sun News, Melissa DiPento pointed out that windows can be an area from which heat is lost if there is a draft, which may prompt conservatory owners to check that no energy is being lost in this way.

She echoed the advice regarding opening and closing window dressings over the course of the day, but added that this is especially useful if people have south-facing windows, since the sun’s radiation will do a good job of heating up the room.

Ms DiPento offered a number of other energy saving tips including closing the doors to unused rooms, turning off fans after they have removed condensation and turning down the thermostat during working hours.