Conservatories can ‘add value’ experts say

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Renovations and improvements can vastly increase the appeal of a property, experts claim.

Those selling their property should consider making such changes as a way to both add value and increase appeal, so claims Andrew Leech, director of the National Home Improvement Council.

In particular, he points out that adding a conservatory is an easy way to make a home more attractive to buyers, as they add space and style: “They are not tremendously expensive,” he told Stride, “but they will provide another room.”

Mr Leech added that home-owners have the option of building a conservatory that is an extension to the home or one that is completely separate and can be closed off.

Either way, it would appear that the allure of a such a space is on the rise, especially if it is presented with nice furnishings and good quality conservatory blinds – it promotes a certain type of lifestyle.

Interior designer, Abigail Owens echoed the sentiment, saying: “conservatories are in demand at present, as people have realised they offer the opportunity to gaze out into the world from the warmth and comfort of your own home”.

In addition, new conservatories are likely to be built to energy performance standards, Mr Leech implied via, another great selling point and one that home buyers will need to bear in mind. It is possible that in the future, it will be harder to secure a mortgage of structures that do not adhere to these ratings.