Conservatories are “in thing” according to interior designer

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A growing number of people may be considering adding a conservatory to their home after interior designer, George Bond, said they were in vogue. 

Bond articulated his love for the glass structures to Tile HQ: “I just love conservatories – they are very much an in thing at the moment. I would just say make the most of the space.”

However, people who are thinking of buying a conservatory are being advised to take the UK’s seasonal temperatures into account at the planning stages or face the consequences.

Director of estate agent, Graham Lock, told that cheap installations could cost in the long run.

“I think a lot of people don’t take into much account the weather [and] how it affects a conservatory,” he said. He added that installing energy-efficient heaters is a good idea, negating the need for expensive and eco-unfriendly portable heaters in the winter.

He also advised fitting fans to the roof to cool the room in the summer. Alternatively, conservatory blinds can act as both insulation in the winter and heat-barrier in warmer months, while looking really stylish.

He went on to recommend ways in which homeowners could really open a conservatory up. He has suggested hanging a large mirror on the wall to reflect the garden and decorate using pastel shades.