Cleaning president offers up blind cleaning tips

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The president of an international cleaning franchise took to the airwaves this week to discuss the best ways of eliminating dusty blinds in the home. 

Steve McMahan, president of the leading domestic cleaning company, Molly Maid, has had more than 25 years in the business and says that his simple tips will improve everything from conservatory blinds to kitchen blinds.

McMahan says that a dampened microfibre cloth is a must: “Many people think feathers or nylon are the best ways to remove dust. You can not beat a dampened cloth. Grab the corner of the cloth and let it hang freely.

“Lightly mist the cloth with clean water from a spray bottle. Not wet, not moist, not soaked. Be sure to mist the cloth, not blinds – it makes a mess if blinds are sprayed directly,” he said, as cited by

However, another expert, claims that the cleaning instrument depends on the type of blind that requires cleaning. Jeff Bredenberg, author of ‘Clean it Fast, Clean it Right’, said on that a lamb’s wool duster or soft paintbrush is better for vertical or venetian blinds, for example.

Despite this, both agree that blind cleaning must start from the top and work its way down. This is so that falling dust will not be cleaned more than once.

For mini-blinds, these can be shut and all cleaned at once on each side rather than doing just one strip at a time, continued McMahan. Bathroom blinds however will need to be completely removed and soaked in order to remove any bathroom residue – such as hair spray.