Posted: May 22, 2012

Charity pins hopes of sustainability on visitor centre

Basics Plus has revealed how a new conservatory fits into plans for financial sustainability at its visitors centre.

While people coming to use the facility may pay more attention to the design of the extension and any decorations such as conservatory blinds installed, for the charity it has largely been a commercial decision.

Avis Turner, chief executive of Basics Plus, said: “It’s given us another 40 seats and its good for the students; it runs as any normal visitor centre, which is great. We need this to succeed as we’re facing huge cuts from government funding, so we’re earning income instead of relying on government grants.”

According to, the organisation has put together an event on Wednesday (May 23rd) to celebrate the opening of the conservatory at Betton Farm in North Yorkshire, which gives opportunities for work to people with learning disabilities.

The occasion, entitled ‘A Bit of a Do’, has been organised alongside the Stephen Joseph Theatre’s OutReach department and will feature food as well as the night’s entertainment.

This latest event comes soon after it was announced that Basics Plus would be partnering with Scarborough Borough Council to sell plants at Betton Farm. According to, the first day of the project was on Wednesday May 16th.

After the launch, Ms Turner said she was very pleased with the partnership and highlighted the new renovations at the farm.

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