Posted: April 19, 2012

Cactus sales spike thanks to the family conservatory

Sales of cacti for conservatories are booming, as many other houseplants struggle to cope with the heat and hosepipe ban in Britain.

That’s according to the UK’s biggest cactus grower Linda Goodey, whose cactus business Cactusland – based in Lincolnshire – has seen sales go through the roof in recent weeks.

In the absence of much-needed rain, the 60-year-old says that the easy-to-grow plants (native to far hotter and drier climes) are selling just as well as conservatories themselves.

“People are buying more indoor plants for their homes and conservatories because they’re struggling to keep plants alive in their gardens,” Mrs Goodney told “We’ve also noticed a growth in sales that matches the increased popularity of conservatories.”

The Chelsea Flower Show award-winning expert went on say that cacti perfectly suit the conservatory because they don’t “burn up” like a house plant. Using conservatory blinds will help keep the room warm and insulated, making it a perfect environment in which to cultivate cacti.

Despite the recent downpours, the Environment Agency said yesterday (April 18th) that the UK’s dry spell could well continue all the way up until Christmas, meaning that green-fingered types will have to keep an even closer eye on their plants, reported.

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