Brits going bold with design choices

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Britons are becoming more bold with their paint choices, according to research from a high-street DIY retailer.‘s Jo Robinson confirmed that recently, Brits have ditched the traditional paint choice for homes – magnolia – and instead chosen to go for something bolder – specifically, red paint.

Sales of this type of paint have apparently sky-rocketed in recent months, perhaps when home-owners have chosen to complement their classic window shutters with a statement wall. In fact, revealed that sales of red paint are triple that of its magnolia counterpart; demonstrating just how popular it has become.

Robinson gave some explanation as to why choices were changing so dramatically, stating: “The change in our tastes is being put down to a growing number of home-owners choosing to spruce up their properties as a more viable and cheaper alternative to selling them.

“Magnolia has gone out of fashion as the housing market remains sluggish…sales of more exciting – but riskier – shades of red have rocketed.”

It isn’t just the walls being adorned with decoration however, as the same research revealed that patio plant sales have increased significantly; as have sales of lawn-mowers, suggesting Britons are more inclined than ever to keep their gardens tidy.