Bespoke blinds for “difficult” windows? No problem – Appeal puts rivals in the shade

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Not every blinds company is a SPECIALIST blinds company

To most blinds companies, a non-standard window shape or size is a problem – or worse, it’s a challenge they take on then fail to meet.

At Appeal, we have been designing, manufacturing and installing custom blinds for over 30 years now. Bespoke is our business.

Over the decades, we have tracked the architectural and design trend towards increased glazing in homes, both new-built and converted. We appreciate that non-standard shaped windows aren’t there to be “awkward”; they’re designed to enhance the look of a building and let more light flood in. So we have developed the technology –  and become experts in the skills required – to provide perfectly fitting, highly functional and beautiful looking shading for windows others regard as “difficult”.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you’ll have to compromise. Appeal’s blinds are bespoke to your living space – not only in terms of cutting to fit and installing in hard-to-reach spots, but also offering a huge range of style options and hundreds of fabric and colour options, including colour matching.

As well as specializing in custom blinds, we lead the way on powered blinds – so controlling blinds located high up is simple. Our award-winning ULTRA Smart Blind system offers control at the touch of a button, ULTRA Plus allows you to pre-programme opening and closing on your phone or tablet, and a voice activation option via Amazon Alexa or Google Home Hub means your word is Appeal blinds’ command!

Bespoke blinds – Appeal has you covered

Whatever the challenge, Appeal has specialist solutions to meet your needs. None of these options means you have to compromise – either on state-of the art design and technology, or on aesthetics. What you finish up with are blinds that seamlessly and stylishly complement your home’s decor.

No window too large

Floor-to-ceiling windows, double height windows, wall-to-wall windows, bi-fold doors etc…. Our bespoke blinds guarantee you a perfect fit, whatever style of blind you choose (roller and pleated are particularly favoured for these large expanses of glass). And, when you want to take advantage of light flooding in, the blinds are stored discreetly so they don’t interfere – for example with the opening of bi-fold doors. The ULTRA Smart Blinds system means you can have powered shading with one-touch control and no mains wiring to spoil the clean lines of a large window.

Custom Blinds for Non-Standard Shapes

At the risk of being disrespectful to one of our favourite TV shows of all time (after all, it featured window blinds in its opening credits), we can offer more window shapes than Play School. Our range of precision engineered blinds can easily be designed to suit not only the square window and the arched window, but also triangular, curved or whatever-shape-the-architect-comes-up-with windows.

Gable ends

Opening up the roof space and glazing the gable end is a wonderful way to fill your living space with light. But it can be a challenge to shade when you don’t want that light (or heat) coming in. Traditional shading solutions always came with compromises – curtains billow and most roof blinds need guide wires or cords. Where other blinds companies have to propose compromise solutions, Appeal has created the ClearView gable end pleated blind to provide a neat, attractive and functional solution – with no compromise. With one touch of your remote control, phone or tablet, or a voice command, the blinds move into position like well-choreographed dancers, then retract completely when not required, leaving an unobstructed view.

Lantern Roof Blinds

Skylights are another tricky-to-shade natural light source. Appeal’s exclusive ClearView Lantern Roof Blind is the neatest (and best-value) solution available – and it’s now available in sizes up to 2m wide x 3.8m long. It has no unsightly guide wires and is the slimmest on the market. The pleated honeycomb blind provides a thermal barrier to help insulation at night as well as protection from direct sunlight. Again, these blinds are available on the ULTRA or ULTRA Plus smart systems, so their inaccessibility is not an issue.

Blackout and Insulation Options

Appeal can offer blinds with a specific practical purpose – for example blackout backings for blinds in bedrooms or home cinemas, or blinds with thermal barriers for large, hard-to-insulate glass areas. However, we do not compromise on looks – you can still have the same design quality, perfect colours and great-looking fabrics as well as this unbeatable functionality.

Blinds for conservatories, orangeries, garden rooms etc

When Appeal was founded over 30 years ago, we were exclusively a conservatory blinds company. While we have expanded our range, we are still the unmatched experts in bespoke shading solutions for conservatories and the increasing options for transitional indoor-outdoor spaces. Our options for side and roof blinds – from the natural wood reeds of Original French Pinoleum to hi-tech Solar R® Roller Blinds – are bound to include the best solution for your home.

System Integration

As many of us move towards a smart home, where we have total control over domestic automation, Appeal can offer a number of solutions. At the simplest level, we can offer ULTRA Plus voice control via an Amazon Alexa or Google Home Hub. Your blinds can be bundled in with popular home automation systems, such as Lutron, Crestron and TaHoMa. And Appeal can work in partnership with your home automation specialist, AV integrator or interior designer to make sure our IT fits as perfectly as our blinds.

Our design consultants and installers follow strict health & safety procedures for our customers’ protection. See details before booking a no obligation consultation at your convenience here.