Benefits of window shutters extend beyond decoration

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Installing window shutters do not just add to the aesthetic of a home – they can make it more energy efficient, too.

According to interior design writer Adriana Noton, cited by, installing window shutters can cut the costs of energy to home owners.

Noton said: “Believe it or not…some blinds and shutters are actually designed to cut energy costs.”

She advised that in the summer, shutters will help keep a home cool – cutting down on the amount of time an air-conditioning system has to be left on. “Sunlight tends to heat the house up,” she added, but with shutters, this doesn’t have to affect the whole home.

Furthermore, in winter, shutters will help insulate a home; meaning the heating system can be used less.

Noton isn’t the only person to have recognised the myriad benefits installing window shutters can bring. In fact, one couple has gone as far as to ensure window shutters are included in the architectural design of their new home, confirmed.

American couple Neil and Ashley Johnston may inspire British homeowners with their tale. After choosing to build a new home for themselves, the pair decided that they just had to include window shutters thanks to their ability to make a home more energy efficient.

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