Beeny says attitude to home improvement has changed

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One of television’s most prominent property experts, Sarah Beeny, has suggested that Britons’ attitude towards home improvement has changed in recent years.

Where once Brits would be happy to throw money at improving their home, they are now more sensible; thinking harder in terms of making the space they have work for them.

“Now it’s a case of prioritising long-term gain: in other words, how am I going to make this space work better for me? Design should be for life…” she added, cited by

Beeny went on to provide an example – insulating a home, which she called one of the most crucial improvements a home-owner can make. “Once the heat is in, keep it in,” she advised. This doesn’t have to just be via traditional insulation however, as home-owners can install things like conservatory blinds to provide an extra layer of warmth.

This isn’t their only benefit though, as Beeny said: “Blinds are great because they don’t invade your space and they don’t absorbed smells like curtains do.”

Her advice was backed up by Kevin McCloud, a fellow Channel Four favourite who also shared his advice with He warned home-owners that they should take good care of their space; “investing” in the relationship and ensuring the basics are done right. This means that the key facets of a home – the bricks and mortar – should be treated well; repaired when necessary with good quality solutions.