Bank Holiday provides ideal decorating time

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This weekend’s Bank Holiday provides a perfect chance for homeowners to rejuvenate their homes, according to writer Ruth Bloomfield. 

Cited by, Bloomfield spoke about the great “British tradition” of homeowners heading to their local hardware story on a rainy Bank Holiday, in a bid to make the most of the day off.

In fact, this weekend may see thousands of Britons invest in everything from new window shutters and bookshelves to pots of paint this weekend. The latter is something Broomfield paid particular attention to, stating that as the housing market has slowed down in recent years, homeowners have become bolder with their paint choices.

“The…effect the extended period of economic gloom has had on Britain’s walls is to unleash a burst of colour upon them,” Broomfield suggested.

This was a thought echoed by David Oliver, a creative director and decorating expert. He added: “When the property market is rising people are more included [sic] to paint their houses in very neutral colours. But if they are not moving, then they will decorate how they want to decorate.”

He called the trend “refreshing”, which may inspire homeowners to take a leap and buy some conservatory blinds or furniture more in tune with their own tastes, rather than worrying about the re-sale value.

Bloomfield wasn’t the only person to discuss the decorating potential of the upcoming Bank Holiday, as Tricia Phillips and Ruki Sayid of recently warned: “This weekend’s your last chance to do those decorating jobs you’ve been putting off all year. Make the most of the Bank Holiday.”