Add palms to make a conservatory more tropical

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Putting ferns and palms in a conservatory is a sure-fire way to add a tropical feel to the space, it has been claimed.

Writing for the Mirror, gardening expert Adrienne Wild offered her advice in response to a reader who had wanted to make her London conservatory more exotic.

But her suggestions did not stop at horticultural decisions; Ms Wild also noted that the furniture in such spaces can have an important impact on the aesthetic. If homeowners are changing the room around, they may want to fit new conservatory blinds to match the new decorations.

She said: “Use palms and ferns as a backdrop for pink orchids and bromeliads, which have red or purple bracts that rise in the centre. Accessorise with bamboo or wirework furniture with bright cushions. At night add tea lights and candles for a magical ambience.”

If people are keen to get some more inspiration more their exotic conservatory they may want to visit the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew this month, as BBC News reported that the Tropical Extravaganza exhibition has begun.

Running until March 4th 2012, the collection in the Princess of Wales Conservatory offers an “explosion of summer colour” with its range of orchids and other tropical plants.