A Trip to Scandinavia

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When a crewman from the RNLI Dart lifeboat – our official charity partner – told his story of his International Maritime Rescue exchange trip to Finland in last month’s RNLI Dart newsletter, we thought we’d use the opportunity to explore how things are done in Finland…

Scandinavian influences are everywhere you look in the interiors world. Providing a perfect harmony of both style and substance, the trend brings with it practicality and elegance in equal measures. Simple, uncluttered and functional, Scandinavian-inspired living spaces are a timeless option for those seeking understated sophistication within the home.

Muted colours and varied textures

The hallmark of Scandinavian interiors is a very toned-down colour palette. Think clean whites, pale greys and cool blues, and you’re well on your way to a Scandinavian haven. If you like the idea of muted colours but you’re worried that your interiors might appear boring or characterless, you could consider experimenting with texture instead. Start by offsetting crisp white walls with a simple charcoal grey sofa, and then layer on top a textured knitted throw in a paler grey. If you want to take it a step further, you could add scatter cushions for added depth and texture.



There’s not a carpeted floor in sight within the Scandinavian-inspired interior trend. Instead think pale wooden flooring with a slightly (yep, you guessed it) greyish hue, often made in a natural pale or white oak. If you wanted something a little richer and warmer in appearance, you could consider a much deeper oak or walnut floor, contrasted beautifully with a white sofa.

Wooden finishes aren’t limited to flooring alone in Scandinavian homes. Furniture is often found to be made of wood too, a bold statement in an otherwise understated room. The imposing, industrial appearance of this dining table in a low-key, pale room would make it an unfussy focal point.


Speaking of fuss – there should be none of it. Clean lines, uncluttered surfaces and crisp whites are all central to a Scandinavian interior. That’s not to say that the houses don’t feature accessories or wall features, however. Gallery walls are a huge trend at the moment, and a great way to get lots of your favourite artwork, photographs and inspirational quotes all up on the wall at once. All you need is some simple black frames and you’re ready to go.

Another easy way to add character to a Scandinavian-inspired home is through flowers. A simple glass jar containing a bunch of your favourite flowers – peonies and white roses seem to be very popular at the moment – will bring a welcome homely touch to any room.

ULTRA Smart blinds

To maintain the simple, fuss-free nature of the Scandinavian-inspired home, our ULTRA Smart blinds fit the bill perfectly. Available in a wide range of materials, patterns and colours (grey included!), there is an ULTRA Smart blind to suit anyone seeking Scandinavian influences within the home. Operated by just the touch of a button, our ULTRA Smart blinds eliminate the need for a cord or string, providing a chic, effortless addition to any room.


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