2021 design trend aims to make a home a sanctuary – and Appeal can help

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Making your home feel both safe and versatile

The annual announcement of Dulux’s Colour of the Year is always a point of interest for those of us involved in the world of interior design, and just a bit of fun for everyone else. The recent announcement of the Colour Trend for 2021, however, seems more significant, since we have come to look at our homes in a different way – we’ve been forced to have a more intense relationship with them.

The choice of Brave Ground, a neutral yet warm and earthy tone (or – to non-designy people – beige but nicer), is a reflection of that change. The chair of the panel of designers, architects and trend forecasters, Heleen van Gent explained: “Our homes provide a sanctuary. A place to restore, repair and recalibrate ourselves on the road to recovery.” Dulux claims that this  nature inspired colour is one that will help give people strength and calmness.

The paint brand also points to how Brave Ground changes with the light of the day or the setting – from a more businesslike stone shade to a warmer hue, reflecting how our homes have had to be so adaptable.

These are trends we at Appeal Home Shading have been noticing too. When it comes to creating a comfortable, reassuring ambience in your home, and helping make living space versatile year-round, Appeal has over 30 years’ worth of specialist experience.

Appeal blinds help create a sanctuary

It’s coming up to that time of year when we all retreat indoors and cosy up in the dark months … is what we’d be saying now in any normal year. In 2020, things are different… it all depends on our mood. If we get the chance to go away (and feel comfortable doing it), we are going to grab it with both hands. But when we’re at home, we want complete comfort and security (that “restore, repair, recalibrate” mantra the Dulux people mentioned).

ULTRA Smart Blinds, exclusive to Appeal, can help – not only in creating a homely and warm ambience but contributing to your privacy, overall security and well being.

ULTRA is the award-winning powered blinds system with no unsightly (and potentially dangerous) dangling cords or mains wiring. It is available in whatever style suits your room (be it pleated, roller, Roman or Venetian)  and all blinds are entirely tailor-made – measured and cut specifically to fit your windows, no matter the shape, size, location or configuration. We can provide shading for gable ends, roof lanterns, angled glass and other challenges our rivals struggle with.

The results blend seamlessly with your decor to create the perfect tone and mood for you to feel cosy. We offer over 400 diverse colours and patterns, and we can colour match too – including Brave Ground!

Privacy is more important than ever these days – even if you haven’t broken the Rule of Six by inviting Granny and Grandpa round for tea, you don’t want to tempt snooping eyes with unshaded windows. And, while burglaries are down, that doesn’t mean there aren’t thieves out there looking for opportunities.

ULTRA gives you one-touch control over your environment (via a wall-mounted switch or handheld remote). But ULTRA Plus gives you control via your smartphone or tablet, so if you do go away, you can set scenarios to raise and lower your blinds (as well as control lights and other devices on smart plugs), as well as make unpredictable changes.

ULTRA Plus with voice activation via Google Home Hub or Amazon Electra means you can call out orders at home – for example to transform a bright work space into a cosy evening den by saying, “Alexa, it’s knocking off time”.

All Appeal blinds contribute to energy-saving by insulating windows. Some of our specialist blinds – Honeycomb Energy Saver, for example – provide an 80% thermal barrier. And ULTRA’s long-life rechargeable lithium-ion batteries usually run for 18 months before needing a brief recharge.

The awesome adaptability of awnings

While we’re looking at design trends for 2021, one we feel will be a lasting change to the way we live is the flexibility factor. Our living space has never been at such a premium. Over the last six months, we’ve had to find space for an office (sometimes two offices – competing Zoom conferences can threaten a couple’s mutual tolerance!), classroom, playroom, arts & crafts room, quarantine room etc etc.

Members of the Appeal team started thinking outside the box – literally – and used garden space to add another room. Of course, they had an advantage… Haus awnings, engineered in Germany, not only offer shade so you can see your screen, but come with the option of infrared heaters and LED lights – so you can stay late at the office! 

Haus awnings are measured to suit the size of your available space. They may not be an immediate priority for the coming months, but you can order now – to be ready for next spring – and pay in nine months, thanks to our Autumn Special Offer.

Haus awnings make a great long-term investment in the flexibility of your home. Who knows when we’ll need to have that adaptability again? But, fingers crossed, by next summer, maybe you might be able to use your awning covered terrace as the venue for a party with dozens of friends and family…