2020 Vision – Interior Trends for the year ahead

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Classic Blue is the colour

This week, it’s official: the colour of 2020 is Classic Blue – according to Pantone, the colour standards company. The December announcement has become the Oscars ceremony of the colour world, with rumours and speculation rife in the run-up. The choice doesn’t come as a huge surprise, since in October a Pantone representative mentioned that the colours of 2020 would be inspired by the sea … blue at the centre, with driftwood brown, dried seaweed green and tropical-beach white.

Of course, like the Oscar-winner is not the only Film of the Year, Classic Blue is not the only colour of the year. Dulux has gone with Tranquil Dawn, a hazy pale green that the panel called calming and comforting. Meanwhile, Coloro – a rival to Pantone in partnership with trend forecaster WGSN – have projected further into the future with five colours for autumn 2021! They are Golden Harvest, a warm golden brown; deep carmine Bloodstone; Dark Springs, like a black pool with hints of green; bluer-than-blue AI Aqua; and a bright berry-hued Electric Magenta.

Whether you want to be on trend, ahead of the curve or go for a timeless classic colour scheme, Appeal Home Shading products spoil you for choice. Our blinds are available in over 400 fabrics, with a vast palette of colours, as well as different patterns and textures. What’s more, our wooden

shutters and Original French Pinoleum blinds are essentially available in an infinite spectrum – as well as hundreds of “standard” colours, we offer custom colour matching to any hue you desire.

Crafted Style

One of the five stylistic trends predicted by Ideal Home for 2020 is Structured Simplicity, particularly if “you like simple, understated style and honest, unfussy pieces but still want a home that feels relaxed and comfortable rather than overly minimalist. You’re drawn to crafted, artisan style… and prefer to invest in quality pieces rather than quick-fix buys.”

Every Appeal Home Shading product is handmade, bespoke to your interior space and artisanship is at the core of everything we produce. Our shutters, for example, are built to market leading standards – our timber is slowly kiln-cured to reduce swelling and shrinking post-installation; we use sturdy mortise and tenon joints instead of quick-fix dowel or dovetail joints; and skilled craftsmen finish each piece with multiple layers of varnish to reveal a rich patina.

Our Original French Pinoleum blinds are made from natural wooden reeds, hand-woven in France, before being cut to size in our UK workshop and hand-sewn with acrylic edge tape to prevent UV degradation and ensure a long life. In fact, you’ll find details such as this in every Appeal product – we believe passionately that style lies in quality.

Hi-tech Homes

According to technology watcher nextGYN.com, “We are entering the era of smart home technology. That is, it’s the beginning to making our homes easier to live in. And growth over the next few years will be astronomical.”

One of the reasons the tech expert is predicting increased domestic system integration is increased take-up of virtual assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home hub. Appeal’s ULTRA® PLUS Smart Blinds system can also operate via voice commands through both those hubs.

ULTRA® PLUS is also controlled by an app that allows you to take control of your home shading wherever you are in the world – at the top of an Alpine peak or on a Caribbean beach or down the road at the shops. Through one app, you can operate individual blinds or rooms, or create an overall ambience for your entire home, including Philips Hue light bulbs and devices attached to smart plugs.

In addition, you can set timed scenarios – even ones that track changing sunset times. Not only does this help make your home cosy and private for when you get home, it also helps gives the impression you are at home when you’re not.