Top ways to defend your home against an insect invasion this summer

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We’ve experienced heat waves and heavy rainfall this summer, but despite the unpredictable British weather, the insects have still arrived in force to invade our homes. We’ve taken a look at the three ways to keep your house pest free and still allow you to leave your windows open to enjoy the sunshine.

Herb house

Herbs are a fantastic way to defend your home against pesky insects and can be put to good use in the kitchen to give your homemade dishes a flurry of vibrant flavours. Mint plants placed on windowsills and doorsteps eradicate flies and invading ants that aim to march through your home, whilst mosquitos despise lemon, so a pot of lemon grass is an ideal way to protect yourself against those nasty biting insects.

Make a Caesar Salad

Ants can’t stand the taste of cucumber, so next time you’re making yourself a salad for lunch why not place some cucumber in troublesome spots around the home to ward of invaders. Rubbing your cupboards and doorways down with citrus peels will also prevent spiders entering a room, as the eight legged insects have a very limited taste pallet and are known to hate the smell.

Build a wall

One of the proven ways to protect your home against creepy crawlies is by introducing insect screens. Appeal’s retractable insect screens are specially designed to keep the slyest of bugs on the other side of the window and won’t obstruct your view, allowing you to open up your doors and windows to welcome a gentle breeze into your home during the summer months.