How to fend off biting bugs and stinging pests

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Despite a chilly August, as the warmer weather returns for a sunny September and experts predict the number of wasps around will remain high, we’ve looked at some top tips for protecting yourself from nasty bugs.

Dress on the dark side

Any bright colours are sure to attract the flying fiends, if you want to avoid them getting too close, stick to looser and darker clothing. Anything floral is a no go!

Get planting

Planting particular kinds of herbs can keep flying insects away. Lemon Balm and Catnip are particularly good at deterring biting bugs!

Screen those bugs

One sure way to keep pesky bugs out of your house is to get yourself an insect screen. Appeal’s insect screens allow you to keep your doors and windows open and get a breath of fresh air whilst keeping bugs at bay. They can also be made to your exact measurements making them an ideal solution.

Ditch the damp

Insects are drawn to water so avoid lakes and ponds, but also drain away any unwanted areas of water in your garden to keep it a bug free zone.

Keep it covered

A sure fire attracter for bugs is food or drink that is left outside uncovered. If you are making the most of the late summer sun, you don’t want any uninvited guests. When you aren’t eating, make sure you put something over your food to avoid any nasty surprises!