Four ways to use geometric patterns in your home

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One of our favourite home decor trends of 2014 is geometric patterns. By repeating circles, squares, and other designs, geometric patterns add life to a room and can create an eye-catching focus.

However, introducing these patterns into your living space is not easy. The trick to making the geometric trend work is to either be bold by mixing and clashing various patterns or adding a statement item into an otherwise neutral room.

Here are our top three tips for bringing geometrics into your home.


Geometric wallpaper can enhance a room in lots of different ways to suit your style. Large patterns can be bold and exciting for modern homes, while small patterns can be subtle for a slick, contemporary look.

If you want to take it a step further, contrasting wallpapers can work in the same room if they follow a similar theme.


Why not incorporate geometric prints with cushions, curtain or blinds? Roller blinds are the best way to show off some interesting patterns as the fabric remains flat. If you have a larger window area and worry about clashing prints, consider a plain pleated blind to contrast against some bolder prints elsewhere.


A great way to keep up with the latest geometric trends is to incorporate them to a room with upholstery.

Geometric prints are a great way to bring together multiple colours featured in your room. As geometric prints tend to be quite bold, it is best to use them sparingly as more of a focal point in your room. Or look for a tone-on-tone geometric print for something more subtle.


If you would like to slowly introduce these elements into your home, accessories are a simple way of incorporating pattern. The simplest way to do this is with a statement rug that won’t overwhelm your space, but will provide an uplifting focal point.

Pillows, vases, mirror or chandeliers also provide a great opportunity to experiment with all sorts of shapes.