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We live in a tech-savvy age where anything we need can be brought to us at the click of a button. From internet shopping, to monitoring the security of your home from the other side of the world, never has technology been so advanced.

But with all these mod cons it can be overwhelming getting to grips with the perfect product for the home so to help you we have pulled together the three best wireless gadgets of the 21st Century to get your hands on this Christmas.

ULTRA convenient

Our ULTRA wire free power blinds offer multiple control of blinds at the touch of a button. Designed with convenience and good looks in mind, the blinds are free of cords and require no mains electricity or trunking, incorporating a quiet motor and slim power pack with 12 months use for a truly modern addition to any home.

Singing in the shower

Music lovers were in their element when waterproof speakers first hit the market, allowing them to sing away in the shower without the worry of dangerous wires. Now, the innovative gadget offers Bluetooth alternatives that stream the tunes from your iPod or allow you to take phone calls for maximum convenience and enjoyment.

Breakfast on the go

If you ever find yourself rushing out of the house without breakfast, you need to invest in a Smart Breakfast Master Toaster. This clever invention can steam boil six eggs at a time whilst grilling your toast to perfection, all while you get ready for work upstairs. With this in your kitchen there’ll be no need to skip the main meal of the day again.

Farewell cleaning

Vacuuming could soon be a thing of the past thanks to Dyson’s 360 Eye Robotic Cleaner. The innovative product syncs up with an app and allow users to control when they would like a vacuum to take place. The robot features a 360-degree panoramic camera lens to find its way around the house, cleaning each room before heading back to its docking station to charge.