Posted: January 15, 2014

Blinds and Shutters can save up to 40% of heat loss

Rising energy prices have been headline news in recent months. The BBSA (British Blinds and Shutters Association) have now published a leaflet showing statistics on potential heat loss through windows and the benefits of blinds and shutters. The BBSA have shown that window blinds or shutters are proven to reduce heat loss as the blind creates a thermal barrier between the window glazing and the room,thereby reducing heat loss through conduction, convection and radiation.

As energy costs increase once again, the BBSA point out that you can save up to 40% of the heat lost through your windows by installing window blinds or shutters.

For a copy of the leaflet click here Energy-Saving-Brochure-Nov-13

Appeal offer exclusive ranges of Alu-Pleat and Solar R blinds that give an unbeatable 85% heat reflection – the highest available in the UK.

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