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Specialist window shading company Appeal Home Shading have recently announced an increase in the sales of wooden window blinds, benefitting from the growing trend for simple, elegant and long lasting decor in the home. But property experts have said that there is even more reason to consider the on-trend window treatments known as Plantation Shutters; increased saleability of your home.

The rising popularity of these shutters has meant that properties for sale with the shutters in place have been a more desirable option because of them.

Property expert and estate agent David Vernon, from Falcon Fine Homes, confirmed; “Wooden shutters, both in the home and conservatory really do add saleability. A conservatory window with wooden shutters can ensure flexible and usable space. On the internal windows of a home, they add the ‘wow!’ factor that you need to catch the eye of the buyer. Their on-going presence in the interior design magazines and publications ensure their desirability for many years to come. In can make a huge difference in getting a sale or not.”

The fast growing market for internal wooden shutters sheds light on consumer trends in the housing market. Shutters are particularly popular in urban areas where they offer privacy from the street whilst still allowing light into the room. But the rising popularity of shutters is not just indicative of fashion but also that people are increasingly maximising the usable space in existing properties.

Essentially a modern replacement for the net curtain, they continue to provide the additional benefits of privacy, tilted during the day and fully closed at night. They also provide protection from the fading effects of direct sunlight whilst still allowing a view through the shutter and are particularly valuable for heat insulation by creating a thermal barrier between the warm room and the cold window. For urban areas, shutters provide an additional barrier to intrusive street noise at the window.

Although now a resurgent market in the UK, shutters were commonplace in the Georgian and Victorian eras and originals can still be seen in many period properties. These period shutters tended to be solid panels rather than the more modern louvred panels.

Paul McCullagh, Commercial Director from Appeal said; “Appeal Window Shutters are custom made to fit every window perfectly. After a technical survey, the shutters are handmade to the customer’s specification.”

Kiln-curing is used where the premium wood is dried in a kiln to reduce post-installation shrinking and swelling, giving it a moisture content that is suitable for the UK climate. Once completed, the shutters are fitted on site by expert installers.

Paul McCullagh from Appeal said; “By using this process, we’re taking the necessary steps to ensure that the wood is conditioned to the moisture content typical to the UK. The result is that Appeal shutters remain stable and close tightly, without gaps, for years to come and because of their longevity they are a wonderful selling point in a house too and now experts have confirmed that professionally designed and fitted shutters could potentially increase the value and saleability of the property.”

Appeal’s Plantation Shutters are supplied in a variety of materials and styles suitable for every room in the house. They can also be colour matched to any shade required. For more information visit