Three Tips to Keep Your Conservatory Warm This Winter

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Throughout the warmer months, thousands of homeowners across the UK enjoy their conservatory as a place to relax and unwind on a summer’s day. However, when the cold weather draws in, people often neglect their conservatory as a living space, as it can be difficult to keep the heat in when the winter chill arrives.

Our three top tips will ensure that your conservatory stays warm and cosy throughout the winter and gives you a space you can utilise all year round.

The Great Escape

One of the biggest contributors to a chilly conservatory is the amount of heat that is lost through the glass roof and windows – there is no use spending money on heating solutions if it is going to escape as soon as you create it. Investing in a set of conservatory blinds will protect against heat loss and keep your conservatory insulated and snug. Our innovative made to measure Alu-Pleat® and Solar R® blinds are both made with a protective aluminum backing which give an excellent level of insulation throughout the winter months, allowing you to save money on your energy bills, as much as an 18% reduction in heating costs. Both ranges come in a range of stylish fabrics to suit your décor.

Cosy Candlelight

Now you have made sure the heat in your conservatory isn’t going to escape, there a few ways you can make it a more cosy space. Getting yourself a small electric heater is always an option, but why not stick to a more traditional method and light a few candles? Not only will this give a bit of extra warmth but it will create a lovely ambience to relax in. Wintertime always sees the release of a wealth of lovely festive scents, so pick your favourite and snuggle down.

Top off with Texture

Finally you can complete the feel of your cosy retreat by adding some texture with thick rugs and throws. Making your conservatory look visually warmer will make it more inviting when the temperatures drop. Furry or fleecy textures will work best and will keep you warm on a chilly evening.