A Guide to Shutters

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Keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, shutters are the perfect trans-seasonal addition to your home to make the most of the natural daylight without compromising your comfort. Their versatility allows you to enjoy the sunlight from outside, whilst simultaneously keeping your home either cool or warm.

Whatever your priorities are, we have a range of shutters that are sure to look at home in any property.

Full height and solid panel shutters

Two of our classic shutter designs, the full-height range and the solid panel shutters, offer maximum coverage in the window, perfect for those interested in maintaining privacy within the home. They will act as a feature in a bedroom or lounge, especially when chosen in a bright colour such as canary yellow or bold blues.

Tier-on-tier shutters

Alternatively, for those seeking versatility within their living space, our tier-on-tier style shutters allow you to independently open or close the top or bottom section, creating different lighting and privacy. These are perfect for bedrooms or home offices where natural light and privacy are both of high importance.

Bespoke solutions

Many period properties have original windows that look great, but come in awkward shapes and sizes. Don’t cover up the beautiful original features beneath curtains; enhance them instead with our bespoke shutter solution provided by Appeal Home Shading. Designed precisely with your window in mind, the bespoke shutters make the most of the natural light and accentuate the window’s unique shape.

Café shutters

The increasingly popular French café design is a perfect informal shutters option for your home. Inspired by French bistros, only the lower half of the window is covered, making it ideal for dining rooms and breakfast rooms where you want to let the light flood in, but also prevent the room from becoming too bright.

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