Which Type of Window Covering is Right For You?

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Which type of window coverings is right for your home? There are a lot of window shades on the market to choose from. However, finding the right one is trickier. Because there are so many options, getting the design that does what you need best is crucial. You could invest in window curtains that are brilliant for insulation, window shutters with superb privacy, or window blinds.

Window blinds are a great balance of both – you get the insulation of curtains and the durable design of shutters. But window blinds also combine that with a sleek, made-to-measure fit, a choice of stylish fabrics, and a range of styles to suit any window. Also, window blinds are fully customisable, helping you style them around your home.

With Appeal Home Shading, you can invest in window blinds that offer high-quality performance at an affordable price. Not only that, but we guarantee you a market-leading design. You’ll get a choice of stunning blinds including Roller, Venetian, Roman, Pleated and Finestra blinds to suit your windows, and you’ll get a made-to-measure fit every time.

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What Are The Most Durable Window Coverings?

When you invest in window coverings, making sure they stand the test of time is crucial. With curtains, you’ll get a thick design that has superb insulation. But, because the design is heavy, it can become more difficult to use over time. Also, curtains can crease and fold, damaging the designs and meaning they wear down more quickly.

With window shutters, you’ll get a durable, low-maintenance design that’s available with an ABS coating to make it water-resistant. Because of this, the frames of the shutters won’t crack and twist over time, meaning they won’t lose the warmth they can bring to your home. Similarly, Appeal’s window blinds use a range of hard-wearing fabrics to give you quality performance that lasts.

For example, our Venetian blinds feature aluminium slats. Aluminium is a precious metal, meaning it has superb inherent strength. That means the slats won’t suffer from any damage for decades to come, and you won’t have to spend time maintaining them. And, with ULTRA Smart technology, you can open them remotely and smoothly, preventing damage over time.

Which Window Coverings Perform Best?

The main benefit of window coverings is that they can make your home warmer. When you pull them down, you can add another layer of insulation to your home, blocking out cold air from outside. Not only that, but you can benefit from better heat reflection on hot summer days, making your living space more comfortable throughout the year.

With curtains, you’ll get superb insulation and protection from draughts. But the heavy designs are difficult to use and can get sticky in hot weather. Window shutters are more durable, meaning they offer a lot of insulation as well. However, some shutters can stain in excess sunlight, and don’t offer a lot of heat reflection.

Appeal’s window blinds, though, can help your home perform better in almost every department. With our Honeycomb Energy Saver blinds, you’ll get a system that works to channel warmth into your home and keep the cold out. The double-layered honeycomb design offers superb insulation and heat reflection too, keeping you comfortable every day.

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Which Window Coverings Offer The Most Privacy?

Another benefit of window coverings is that they can give you some privacy when you need it. If you’d like to shut the world out or keep prying eyes away, then window coverings are perfect for getting some cover. However, several designs offer different amounts of privacy, meaning the choice you make is important if you value it.

Window curtains can struggle to fit your window perfectly after a while. As a result, there’ll be space for people to look through or external sound to come in. Window shutters have flexible louvres which allow you to adjust the level of privacy in your home, and as they cover the whole window they also provide superb soundproofing.

But Appeal’s window blinds offer privacy along with so much more. You can choose blackout blinds for your window that completely shut the world out when you want to. Not only that, when you’d like to open your home back up, they slide away fully, unlike shutters. As a result, window blinds give you the best balance of light and shade.

Invest in Window Coverings with Appeal Home Shading

With Appeal Home Shading, you can invest in wonderful window coverings for your home. You can benefit from window blinds in various styles, fabrics and colours that let you take control of how your living space looks and feels. You can also take a look across our range of window coverings, including our durable, low-maintenance window shutters.

If you’d like to add window coverings to your home, request a free brochure to explore our full list of options. And, if you’d like to know more about which designs will suit your living space, arrange a free design consultation with our team today! Our friendly experts can take you through the options seven days a week, including evenings!

We look forward to helping you at Appeal Home Shading!