What Are The Most Popular Living Room Blinds?

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At Appeal Home Shading, we have a wide selection of living room blinds that incorporates the most popular styles in the UK. Because of this, you’ll get all the options at your fingertips when you choose living room blinds from us. However, we don’t settle at only offering standard versions of these designs. At Appeal, we’ve elevated and updated them, using modern materials and cutting-edge technology.

As a result, you can invest in living room blinds that shut the world out completely, give you precise lighting control and can improve your home’s insulation. Not only that, but you can close them at the touch of a button, too, thanks to the option of ULTRA Smart tech. Also, we make our blinds made-to-measure for windows, doors and more.

With our blinds, you’ll also get a made-to-measure installation. Appeal’s fitting team are experts, fully qualified and friendly when it comes to getting your blinds installed. They’ll go above and beyond at every step of the way to make sure your living room blinds work perfectly. And, with our use of durable materials, you’ll get blinds that perform for years to come.

Living Room Roller Blinds

Your living room could benefit from Roller blinds. These are one of the UK’s most popular styles, and it’s easy to see why. Roller blinds fit perfectly on windows and doors, too, covering the glass section to take control of your home’s lighting. You’ll be able to reduce glare and reduce heat loss too, helping your home stay warm without the use of your central heating.

Roller blinds are an effortless addition to your home thanks to ULTRA Smart technology. An option across our range, ULTRA Smart functionality makes your blinds remote-controllable. That means all you have to do to get precise lighting control for your home is push a button. Enhancing your living room with these blinds is as simple as that!

living room venetian blinds

Living Room Venetian Blinds

You could also choose a classic style of living room blinds, updated for the modern-day by Appeal. Our Venetian blinds are stylish and highly durable, and are available in traditional wood or aluminium. Venetian blinds with aluminium slats give you precise lighting control, while you’ll also benefit from the strength of the aluminium inside.

Aluminium is tough and durable, meaning that it will provide exceptional performance for many years to come. That includes its energy efficiency, which can help you cut the cost of energy bills for your home over time. Also, Appeal offers a broad range of unique colours and finishes. With aluminium frames, you can give these colours a stunning metallic sheen that lasts. You can also choose our wood option to achieve a traditional look for your Venetian blinds. For particularly moist environments, you may want to consider faux wood to achieve a similar look with enhanced performance. No matter which you choose, there will be a style that’s right for you.

living room roman blinds

Living Room Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are a similar option to Roller blinds for your living room. However, Roman blinds pleat and fold at the bottom as they retract, meaning the fabric stays neat and tidy. Roman blinds use a single piece of hard-wearing fabric which can resist harm from UV rays. That means the fabric won’t fade, discolour or lose its durability for years to come.

Also, Roman blinds are a convenient option. As living room blinds, you can control them with ULTRA Smart technology, so you don’t even have to get off the sofa to adjust the light in your space. However, you’ll also be in control of your blinds when you aren’t around. With Ultra PLUS, you can open and close them via a smartphone app when you’re away from home!

living room pleated blinds

Living Room Pleated Blinds

Alternatively, Pleated living room blinds add a soft, elegant design to your space. This style uses soft fabrics which blend seamlessly with traditional and modern homes alike, elevating your home. However, they don’t have to blend in – you can customise your Pleated living room blinds with unique colours and patterns to make them stand out.

Also, we offer blinds that can make saving energy inside your home even easier. At Appeal, we’ve created the Honeycomb Energy-Saver range of living room blinds, with a unique hexagonal shape to the fabric. The fabric is double-layered, improving insulation and reflecting heat away from your home too. That means your home will be more comfortable in both summer and winter.

living room finestra blinds

Living Room Finestra Blinds

Finally, our living room Finestra blinds are as soft as they come. With a unique, patented weave, these designs glide in the wind, creating a feeling of airiness inside your living space. The soft flowing vertical fabric louvres can be tilted using your remote control to adjust how much light is allowed into your home.

Finestra blinds are brilliant for windows, and they’re a great option for sliding or bi-fold doors too. We can manufacture these blinds in expansive designs to fit large glass sections, and they could be brilliant for ventilation. You could open the doors up fully in the summer, leaving only the blinds up to reduce the intensity of the sun in your living space.

Choose Popular Living Room Blinds from Appeal Home Shading

It’s easy to choose from the most popular styles of living room blinds for your home with Appeal Home Shading. Select the style you want, the size, and then you can customise it to suit you. From there, we’ll make your new blinds to order and install them quickly and professionally, providing a made-to-measure fit with no cutting and trimming on-site.

To find out more about our living room blinds, request a free brochure or design consultation with Appeal Home Shading today!