What Are The Best Blinds For Bifold Doors?

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Appeal Home Shading has a range of the best blinds on the market for bifold doors. If you have bifold doors, or you’re looking to add them to your home, then you’ll open your home up brilliantly to nature. Sometimes, though, it’s nice to get away from the world and turn the lights down. Appeal’s blinds can help with not only that but much more besides.

With our blinds for bifold doors, you can give your home additional thermal insulation, helpful during cold winters to keep you and your family warm. You’ll get more control of privacy and UV exposure, ensuring that you don’t feel uncomfortable in your home. And, with our made-to-measure installations, your blinds will do their job perfectly.

At Appeal, we offer blinds for any size of bifold door, no matter how big the expanse. Our blinds can fit over doors with up to 7 panels, and they’ll still provide the same level of performance and control. To find out more about how our blinds for bifold doors can enhance your home, explore our range below. Alternatively, request a free brochure and design consultation today!

roller blinds for bifold doors

Roller Blinds for Bifold Doors

Roller blinds are made from fabric on a roll at the top that can come down to shut the world out from your home. With Roller blinds, you’ll always be in control of your home’s lighting. The blinds extend quickly, covering the glazing sections in your doors to give you privacy exactly when you need it. At Appeal, we also ensure all of our blinds for bifold doors come with powered and ULTRA Smart options.

That means you can invest in Roller blinds that operate at the touch of a button. These systems are wire-free and child-safe, too, meaning that they won’t present any risks in your home. And, with Appeal’s commitment to quality, your new blinds will be thermally efficient enough to help you save on energy bills.

Honeycomb Energy-Saver Blinds for Bifold Doors

At Appeal, we know how important it is to save energy in your home. Not only do you cut the cost of your bills, but you lessen your carbon footprint too. That’s why we’ve designed our Honeycomb Energy-Saver blinds to cut the cost of your energy bills, all while adding a stylish yet discreet touch to your bifold doors.

The Honeycomb system takes its name from the blinds’ unique hexagonal cell structure, which traps air and delays heat transfer between the window and the room, providing better protection against cold temperatures. Not only that, but these blinds are proven to reduce glare and reflect heat, keeping you comfortable on even the hottest of days. The design is also double-layered, meaning it works brilliantly with the double glazing in bifold doors to insulate your home.

finestra blinds for bifold doors

Finestra Blinds for Bifold Doors

Alternatively, you could choose Finestra blinds for your bifold doors. Finestra blinds give you more control of lighting than almost any other design. Their unique, patented weave can let sunlight through while reducing glare. That means you can feel closer to nature in a more comfortable way. These designs have soft flowing vanes with one-touch control, meaning it’s never been easier to get the precise amount of light you want in your living space.

Also, if you’d like to ventilate your home in the summer, you can use the blinds as your door, leaving it open to allow fresh air to pass through your home. Our Finestra blinds are bespoke to your bifold doors, too, with no cutting and trimming on site.

Pleated Blinds for Bifold Doors

Pleated blinds are one of the UK’s most popular options for plenty of reasons. Their simplicity, elegance, and soft look suit almost all homes, making them a brilliant option for everybody. However, at Appeal, we’ve added something else to our Pleated blinds – the guarantee of terrific performance, lighting control and a convenient experience.

Rather than reach up to the top of your bifold doors to get the blinds down, you can choose a remote-controlled option with ULTRA Smart technology. Not only that, but these blinds are both anti-fanning and anti-stacking, which means the blinds always look discreet and tidy. Pleated blinds can add class and quality, perfect for bifold doors.

venetian blinds for bifold doors

Aluminium Venetian Blinds for Bifold Doors

If you value your home’s privacy, you could also consider Aluminium Venetian blinds for your bifold doors. These blinds have sturdy aluminium slats, meaning you get better light absorption and thermal performance. Aluminium is dense while staying lightweight, meaning they can keep you warm when closed but are smooth to retract.

However, with ULTRA Smart technology, you might not have to open them at all. Instead, you’ll get easy use with remote-controlled slats, perfect for use on expansive bifold doors. And, when you choose blinds from Appeal, you can be sure you’ll get bespoke service. Our team will provide a made-to-measure installation every time!

Blinds for Bifold Doors from Appeal Home Shading

If you want to add new blinds to your bifold doors, then Appeal is the ideal choice. With our range of stylish options, commitment to quality and ULTRA Smart technology, we make blinds more convenient and comfortable. And, with a free design consultation, you can get made-to-measure blinds for your new bifold doors before you install them!

If you’d like to find out more about how our bifold blinds can enhance your home, request a free brochure from us today. Alternatively, contact us for a free design consultation, and our friendly team will take you through all of the possibilities are blinds can open up.

We look forward to hearing from you at Appeal today!