What Are The Advantages Of Having Your Blinds Motorised?

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Could your blinds be better off motorised? At Appeal Home Shading, we think blinds should be easy to use for everybody. But, when you’re sitting comfortably, you don’t always want to get up and extend or retract your blinds yourself.

We’ve created a range of stunning, smart blinds with have the latest motorised technology. You can opt to fit our designs with ULTRA Smart technology, making them fully motorised. That means you can control their position and regulate the amount of natural light in your home at the touch of a button.

With our smart blinds, you can have more control of how your living space looks and feels. You can get your blinds to just the right point to let as much light in as you need without having to fiddle with cords or chains. Also, ULTRA Smart technology is available across a range of blind styles. That way, you don’t have to compromise to make your home more comfortable.

advantages of blinds motorised

The Benefits of Smart Blinds

With Appeal’s smart blinds, you’ll get motorised technology that’s smooth and precise. Your blinds will extend perfectly, and they’re made-to-measure, meaning you can even cover the trickiest of window shapes.

Additionally, you won’t have to worry about losing the neat look of your blinds over time. While slats can bend, pleats can stack, and fabrics can fan, motorised blinds won’t suffer from any of these issues. At the touch of a button, your blinds will slide back into their perfect shape with no bending, stacking or fanning. It’s as simple as that!

And, perhaps most importantly, smart blinds are more convenient for your home. Blinds, when they’re motorised, do more of the work for you than the other way around. Because of this, you can relax and adjust your comfort without needing to lose your spot on the sofa. As a result, it’s never been easier to take full control of your home’s comfort.

ULTRA Smart Blinds

At Appeal, we wanted to go further to make our designs more creative, convenient, colourful and comfortable for your home. That’s why we’ve designed stunning blinds with hard-wearing fabrics, durable materials and a range of colour and style options for your home.

We combine all of this with our ULTRA Smart technology, innovative programming that makes your blinds more intelligent. You can use a remote control or wall-mounted switch not only to close and open your blinds but to adjust them to get just the right amount of light. Not only that, but you can adjust them to make your home feel more private, or improve its insulation during the colder months.

ULTRA Smart is also safe to use for everybody. The design is wire-free and child-safe, meaning there’s far less risk of any accidents. These blinds are also motorised by a fully rechargeable battery pack, which means all you have to do to keep it moving is plug it in to charge – just like a mobile phone – around once every 12-15 months. At Appeal, we know that smart blinds can create the home of tomorrow, today.

smart blinds

Styles of Blinds Motorised

So, which styles of blinds have we motorised? We ensure that you can invest in ULTRA Smart blinds across several designs. Because of this, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice the style you want to get the smart blinds you need. That’s why we’ve made sure that our most popular, durable and innovative blinds all have ULTRA Smart as an option.

You can invest in smart blinds in the Roller, Pleated, Roman, Venetian, ClearView Lantern and ClearView gable end styles, all of which are fully motorised for your convenience. Not only that, but our Honeycomb Energy-Saver blinds come with ULTRA Smart tech too, combined with the unique, double-layered hexagonal shape to give you better insulation.

And, no matter the style you pick, your smart blinds will be fully customisable. You can select them in extended sizes to fit over sliding and bi-fold doors, adjust the colours for a unique look, or you could choose to go without ULTRA Smart technology. Our team will build your bespoke blinds to order and to your precise measurements, with no cutting and trimming on-site.

Smart Blinds, Motorised by Appeal Home Shading

Choose smart blinds motorised by Appeal Home Shading’s ULTRA Smart tech for your home today. With these blinds, you’ll be investing in an engine that can drive your home forward in quality, convenience and comfort. To find out more, request a free brochure today, or get a free design consultation from our friendly team.

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