What are PolyWood® Window Shutters?

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Window Shutters are the perfect way to give your home a uniquely European flavour. A traditional classic that was at its most popular during Victorian England, this wonderful feature has made a comeback for the homeowners looking to give their home the classical style that makes their house stand out from the rest!

With traditional wooden shutters, certain problems may arise from water damage in high humidity environments, so they initially went out of style in the 20th century in the high humid climate of the UK. Fortunately, modern innovations in how we produce such products allow us to return to this wonderful feature without having to worry about damaging them or their deterioration compared to modern blind solutions. 

PolyWood® Window Shutters

Full Height Window Shutters on Track

This is where Appeal Home Shading’s UK made PolyWood Window Shutters come in. These shutters are the perfect solution for those homeowners who are worried that similar issues that used to arise from Window Shutters will pop up again in an unwelcome fashion. These Window Shutters are exceptionally modern and provide the home with insulation, privacy and shading at the standard our customers have come to expect.

PolyWood® Window Shutters are made from resin-bonded wood, blending wood and plant fibres with a modern PVC polymer to ensure water resistance, effective insulation, and light control. The unique composition of these shutters is unique on the market today and provides exceptional levels of durability when compared to other modern Window Shutters. 

Combining the beauty and texture of real hardwood with the durability and low-maintenance needs of modern PVC, these Window Shutters are versatile enough to perform the task necessary for every area of your home. Whether you want to fit them in bathrooms or kitchens, traditionally high humidity rooms, you won’t have to worry about them getting damaged from the water content of the air.


Full Height Window Shutters in Brown Wood

These shutters are also available in nine contemporary colours with an option to choose a custom colour so that you can create a bespoke design that suits you! If you’re interested in having a look for yourself, please check out our online inspiration gallery that features images from all of our recent installations, including our PolyWood® Window Shutters! Look for yourself and see how well-implemented our Window Shutters are in our customers’ homes. 

To ensure that all shutters fit into our customer’s homes with ease and suitability, we manufacture all of our Window Shutters bespoke to the needs of your house. All of our products, including our PolyWood® Window Shutters, are made to measure and come in various sizes. With our wonderful design consultants, who you will meet with for free before your purchase, you can have a browse of the colour options and three louvre sizes (63mm, 76mm, 89mm) available before making a final decision on which one is going to be best for you. You can even have them customised in multiple styles, including cafe and tier-on-tier!

The Perfect Alternative to Modern Window Blinds

As an alternative to modern blinds, Window Shutters are a perfect choice. They provide the home with the same amount of shading, thermal insulation and privacy but with unique styling that gives the home’s interior a unique feature that provides a cinematic feel and endless potential for photogenic moments as the sun pierces through the shutters.

Our PolyWood® Window Shutters are available in only six weeks with a unique handcrafted quality and provide the home with exceptional craftsmanship. Durable enough to handle a high humidity room and attractive enough to replace traditional blinds, PolyWood® Window Shutters may be the choice that the modern homeowner needs to take their interior to the next level.

If you’re interested in our wonderful PolyWood® Window Shutters, please feel free to book your design consultation with us today. We’re completely flexible and will fix the meeting around whenever you’re available! We also offer a free brochure, available for request, right here on the website, which you can use in the meantime to peruse our various products in greater detail at your leisure! Furthermore, we’re available 24/7 on our phone lines at 0800 975 5757. We can’t wait to hear from you!