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For most of us, 2020 was the year we spent more time in our houses or apartments than ever. Offices, classrooms, decontamination rooms… our homes had to double up, treble up, adapt and reconfigure. That buzz phrase of design magazines – indoor-outdoor flow – took on a new meaning as the outdoors became our primary (sometimes our only permitted) space for meeting family and friends.

A side-effect of all that time spent at home is familiarity breeding contempt. We’re not talking about friction between the house’s occupants, but those minor irritations about a room that you can live with if you don’t spend the entire day in it, but not if they’re in your face all day. (Honestly, we are talking about decor!)

Of course we are hoping that, soon, we will be able to spend less time at home, but – even if you are making expeditions into the wild again – a change and improvement to your base camp is always welcome. Many people turned to home improvement projects in 2020, but if you haven’t yet, may we suggest some ideas? Below, you’ll see a taste of the full range of products Appeal has to offer, all designed to the highest standard and custom-made to bring the ambience you want to your home.

Under current rules we are permitted to visit homes – following our strict health protocols – to advise you, as well as to survey and install your bespoke shading solution. And our Chairman is offering an extra incentive – see the end of this email.

A Wealth of Possibilities

Since we launched Appeal over 30 years ago as a bespoke conservatory blinds company, we have gradually added products to our portfolio – from interior window blinds and wooden shutters to terrace awnings and insect screens. But each is a carefully considered addition, which must meet a long checklist of qualifications.

The big four considerations, however, before we sell any product are these: is it beautiful, does it function equally attractively, does it fit contemporary living but with timeless elegance, and can it be made to a customer’s exact specifications? The answer, in all these cases, is a resounding yes:

ULTRA Smart Blinds, ULTRA Plus, ULTRA Plus with voice activation

  • Award-winning powered blinds with quiet, hidden motors, no cords or mains wiring
  • Powered by long-life, rechargeable Li-ion batteries – 15 months between easy charges
  • One-touch control via remote or wall switch, controlling individual blinds or groups
  • Or ULTRA Plus app to set up automatic timed scenarios or control when you’re away (a security benefit)
  • Or Voice Activation option via Amazon Alexa or Google Home hubs
  • Choose from Roller, Roman, Pleated, Venetian or specialist styles such as Honeycomb Energy Saver
  • Suitable for bi-fold and patio doors

Blinds for Challenging Windows

  • ClearView lantern roof blinds for ceiling rooflights
  • Up to 2m wide by 3.8m long
  • ClearView gable-end blinds for barn conversions, A-frame houses etc.
  • Bespoke shading solution that fit exactly despite inaccessible positions
  • Controlled remotely with the ULTRA Smart Blinds system – no cords
  • Fewer guide wires required – unobstructed view when open

Finestra for floor-to-ceiling windows or patio doors

  • Part blind, part curtain – best of both worlds
  • Made up of individual vanes of half-sheer, half-opaque textured fabric
  • Together form a curtain, but you can pass between vanes
  • Ideal for patio & bi-fold doors, creating a “soft barrier”
  • One-touch control rotates vanes for privacy (opaque panels) or diffused light (sheer)

Original French Pinoleum Conservatory blinds

  • Natural lightweight fabric handwoven from wafer-thin reeds of wood
  • Creates a beautiful dappled light
  • Cut to your bespoke size and shape in our Bristol workshop and hand-finished with protective edging
  • Fabric is exclusive to Appeal
  • Also perfect for orangeries, garden rooms, including glazed roofs

Wooden window shutters

  • Choice of styles including full-length plantation or half-window café shutters
  • Bespoke sizes & shapes, plus options such as sliding tracks available
  • Mortise & tenon joints – stronger and more durable than rivals’ dowel or dovetail joints
  • Kiln-cured wood guards against shrinking and swelling
  • Hand-finished with multiple layers of thin layers of stain or paint for a deep translucence

Haus Awnings & Pergolas

  • Custom-sized patio awnings, with one-touch control
  • Compatible with ULTRA Plus smart blinds system
  • Infra-red heating & LED lighting options, plus a protective valance create an outdoor living space
  • Unique OptiFlowSystem® keeps fabric taut, prevents sagging
  • Weather sensors automatically open awning in bright sun, retract in strong winds
  • Pergola with telescopic legs & tensioned side channels protects even in windy conditions

Insect screens for doors & windows

  • Mesh screen plus side channels and brush seals create total barrier against the smallest pests
  • Super-fine ClearVu mesh almost as transparent as glass, allows air flow
  • When closed, screen is housed discreetly in a slimline cassette
  • Held closed by magnet
  • Door screens’ caterpillar track runs flat along floor – no trip hazard
  • Made and fitted bespoke to dimensions of your window or door

A Thank You From Appeal’s Chairman

Here at Appeal we’re not so naive to think the changing of a number – 2020 to 2021 – is a magic wand. However, the New Year is a time to look forward as well as back (if my dimly remembered Roman history is right, January is named after the double-faced god Janus who looks to the future and past). And there are positives to be found in both directions.

Looking back on 2020, I’m proud of the tireless work by our staff – our expert design consultants, surveyors and installers on the road, our skilled craftspeople in our workshop, and our dedicated customer support team in the office (or at home) – to help us not only survive but grow as a company. And I’m grateful to the loyalty of our customers, returning to us for further home improvements and recommending us to friends and family.

Looking forward to 2021, we have hope, expectations and plans. It’s time for makeovers and improvements. If you feel the same, we’d like to help with that. As a thank you for your continuing trust in us, I’d like to offer a New Year gift to Appeal customers existing and new. If you’re interested in any of the Appeal products highlighted in this email, I’d like to offer you £400 cashback towards a Haus awning, or £200 towards any blinds, shutters or insect screens.*

Thank you and Happy New Year

Michael Madigan

Executive Chairman – Appeal Group Ltd

* Mention this gift when booking a free design consultancy before 31 January (the actual appointment date can be after that). You will be sent a cashback cheque, which can be redeemed as £200 cashback on blinds, shutters and insect screens or £400 cashback on awnings if you place an order before 28 February.