Roman Blind Colour Options

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At Appeal, we have plenty of Roman blind colour options to let you enhance your windows and doors in style. Roman blinds can let you shut the world out when you need to, and insulate your home when it gets cold as well. With a Roman blind, you’ll also be able to keep the design looking its best. At Appeal, we use hard-wearing, durable materials to ensure your new blinds last.

Additionally, the design of your Roman blind means it won’t crease. The blinds elegantly pleat and fold at the bottom, meaning your blinds will always stand out. And, with one of Appeal’s customisable colours, you’ll make sure they make an impression. You can get a grey, black or white Roman blind, one with a bold colour, or even one with a patterned design!

No matter how you’d like to style a Roman blind for your home, Appeal can help you do it. We have a wide range of options, and we’ll design your blinds bespoke to your order. Then, when the time comes to fit it, our fully-trained installation team will fit the blinds made-to-measure. With no cutting and trimming on-site, you’ll save time and money fitting our blinds as well.

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Grey, White & Black Roman Blind Colours

One way to style your Roman blind is to go with a classy touch. Monochrome colour options are becoming popular in many homes, and you could add a muted finish to your blind too. At Appeal, we offer grey, white and black as part of our Roman blind colour options. That way, you can get blinds that are discreet and subtle.

However, blinds with darker colours can still make a visual impact. For example, if you choose a black Roman blind, you can really make a statement. All of our Roman blinds are available with an optional blackout lining. These blinds are made-to-measure to ensure that minimal light can enter your home from outside when you pull them down fully. Because of this, they’re ideal for sleeping in bedrooms, for privacy in bathrooms, or for shutting the world out in living rooms.

Also, monochrome colour options can suit any palette. A grey, black or white roman blind will go with a range of designs, helping you suit any space. And, when you choose a Roman blind from Appeal, you won’t have to worry about the colours losing their glow. Our blinds have hard-wearing fabric to ensure the design doesn’t discolour down the line.

Coloured Roman Blinds

However, you don’t have to stick with a muted design. With Appeal’s range of colour options, you could decide to make a bold statement with your new blinds. We offer plenty of bold, vibrant colours for your Roman blind, helping you set a new style for your home. With options including blue roman blinds that stand out anywhere, you’ll have no trouble creating the design of your dreams.

With your coloured Roman blinds, you also won’t have to worry about the design’s performance. That’s because, whatever style you select, your Roman blind will keep you warm and control the light when you pull it down. Our Roman blinds have a heat-saving lining, improving the insulation of the design.

Because of this, your blinds can improve your home’s insulation, especially during the winter months. The fabric can also reflect heat from outside back, meaning your living space doesn’t become too hot in the summer. That way, you can stay comfortable throughout the year with Roman blinds in any colour. You’ll even save money on your energy bills!

grey roman blind

Patterned Roman Blind Options

We’ve already seen just how many Roman blind colour options you can choose from for your design with Appeal. But all of those options only give you the chance to pick one. With us, though, you don’t have to decide on a single colour if you don’t want to. Instead, you could fit your new Roman blind with unique patterns that create an even bigger visual impact.

For example, you could create a floral design to make a kitchen feel more homely or a bright design that stands out for a child’s bedroom. Additionally, our designs feature a special lining that prevents the pattern fading in sunlight.

With Appeal, every part of your new grey, white, black and even blue roman blind will be fully customisable. That includes the size and shape, meaning you can get a design to fit any window or door. Our team will make sure you get made-to-measure blinds for your home installed perfectly, and they’ll provide free design consultation to help you pick!

Roman Blind Colour Options from Appeal Home Shading

Make your home one-of-a-kind with a new Roman blind in almost any colour with Appeal Home Shading!

If you’d like to explore our Roman blinds further or see our full list of colour options, request a free brochure to find out more. Alternatively, you can get help from our friendly team with a free online consultation. They’ll take you through the whole range to help you pick the ideal blinds for your style, needs and budget.

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