New Report: Blinds are an Overheating Solution

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Appeal Home Shading is committed to helping our customers – and, importantly, the planet. By installing our conservatory or window blinds, as well as some of our other home shading solutions, we’re able to achieve both of these as you improve your home’s temperature control in the summer.

A recent report by the CCC (Committee for Climate Change) has confirmed that blinds and shutters are a high-quality solution for overheating. You’ll be able to reduce intense light and glare, creating a more comfortable living space. Not only that, you can reflect heat away from your home, ideal on those hot summer days that British homes (and when it’s too hot, British people!) aren’t cut out for. Find out more about how shading could help with overheating in our guide.

Home Shading Prevents Overheating

A PhD project by a researcher at London Southbank university compared temperature in a London office building with no blinds to one with blinds. Once the test began, the difference was stark and clear to see. With no shading, the office building was able to reach an incredible temperature of 47.5°c – far beyond the recommended operative temperatures of 23-26°c. However, the room with shading was much closer to this.

By adding Venetian or roller blinds, this room was recorded as being 28°c. It’s a temperature that’s far easier to manage and makes the room more comfortable to use. With most buildings in the UK built to retain heat to meet insulation standards, it’s important to reflect heat back to keep you cool. As a result, blinds have been declared an ideal overheating solution by the CCC.

Home Shading Reduces Intense Light

Another issue that blinds can prevent is intense light. During the summer, light can intensify through glass, making it more difficult to see indoors, and making it hotter as well. Light levels can cause real issues: intense light could reflect off of screens, cause overheating and even make it difficult to see. However, shading can again work as a solution, giving you control of the light inside your home.

As part of the study, light level readings were taken in the room without a blind. In this room, the internal lux reading ranged from 609 lux at the minimum, higher than the recommended lux level for working of 500 lux. However, the maximum light reading was higher. At 72,400 lux, windows without blinds are proven to create uncomfortable light levels that will cause issues to well-being and the general enjoyment of your living space.

Appeal’s Home Shading Solution

This study gives further proof that buildings with blinds reduce operative temperatures in rooms. Because of this, installing blinds can work just as well in summer as it can do in winter. And, with Appeal Home Shading, you can order made-to-measure blinds that are able to cope with the hot summer days and the long winter nights, making them an excellent investment you can enjoy all year round. As climate change continues to evolve, it’s more important than ever to choose sustainable solutions, which is why our designs are durable and cope well with UV rays.

If you want to stop overheating in your home, then you can request a free quote for our blinds today. Alternatively, you could take a look at our free brochure to see our full range of options. Finally, you can speak to our team about how our shading solutions can enhance your home by booking your free design consultation.