How Our Blinds Help with Thermal Reflection

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The summer has officially arrived, and it has arrived with a passion. Temperatures across the country are reaching 30 in some places, and we’ll likely have a few more heatwaves like this before the autumn arrives. Over the next few months, it is going to be absolutely imperative that we ensure our houses are kept cool so that we have comfortable spaces to go to when the temperature is overbearing outside. Furthermore, with energy costs rising, it’s a good idea to find another way to keep your home cooler that doesn’t involve filling your house with electric fans that bump up your energy usage.

Here at Appeal Home Shading, we have the solution! Whether you’re looking to keep the conservatory cool or the whole house, we have a selection of blinds that are designed with the express purpose of keeping the interior of your home cool during the summer (as well as warm during the winter). 

Why is my home so warm?

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Blinds make a clear difference to an interior temperature no matter their design. Light enters through our windows, leaving heat energy in its wake as it bounces around the room. Since our interiors tend to be well insulated to help keep them warm through the winter, this heat becomes trapped and struggles to get out. Even when you open the windows to cool the room, it isn’t easy to regulate the temperature if the light is still able to come in. 

That’s where our blinds come in! Appeal Home Shading’s range of interior blinds has been designed to keep out the light, increase the home’s privacy, and help keep out the heat, so your home is comfortable during summer. When the blinds are extended, much of the light is reflected outside through the window instead of entering the home in the first place. As a result, the light never has a chance to leave the heat energy it carries around the house. 

The Honeycomb Energy Saver Blind

All of our shading will offer some level of heat reflection,  but some are better than others. The first of these is the Honeycomb Energy Saver blind. Designed to save you money on your heating bills during the winter, the unique hexagonal and layered design gives these pleated blinds exceptional temperature management qualities. These blinds can reduce heat absorption in your home by up to 78%, meaning your home will be noticeably cooler throughout the warmer months, and you can spend less on your energy bills blasting fans all day and night. 


Pleated Conservatory Roof Blinds

If you want the absolute best that money to buy for thermal reflection, then look no further than Alu-PleatⓇ Blinds from Appeal. Designed specifically for thermal reflection, the Alu-PleatⓇ range outperforms every other range of blinds on the market in terms of heat reflection. The unique aluminium backing in their design gives the Alu-PleatⓇ its unique thermal reflection properties, and the pleated design utilises a tried and tested shape that only increases the capabilities. The aluminium also gives these blinds exceptional durability and low maintenance requirements. Once installed, these blinds are guaranteed to last for years, ensuring your home will stay cool over many summers. 

Solar-RⓇ Blinds

If you’re not interested in the aesthetic of our pleated designs, then the Solar-RⓇ blind is what you’re looking for. These blinds are the best thermal reflectors from the roller design. Subtle yet eye-catching design is the name of the game when it comes to Solar-RⓇ as well as providing exceptional thermal reflection, and at 74%, it’s the highest thermal reflection for a roller blind on the market today. Like all of our products, these blinds come made to measure, and the colour you choose is designed to fit in with your existing interior furniture to ensure that the blinds are as much an aesthetic feature as they are a practical one. With our excellent design consultants, you’ll get a free meeting through which you’ll be able to discuss with your consultant what the best blind for your home will be for your goals!

If you’re interested in any of our thermally reflecting blinds, please book your free design consultation with us today! You can also request a free brochure on our site to get more information about our products!