How Blinds And Shutters Can Help You This Winter

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At this time of year, homeowners inevitably start thinking about how to keep themselves warm. Here at Appeal, we’re often asked whether blinds and shutters can make a difference, and the short answer is yes. Blinds and shutters don’t just regulate light levels and offer privacy; they can help keep your house cosy too. 

All of our blinds and shutters improve your home’s energy efficiency. We’re proud of our products and will take any opportunity to shout about their benefits. So, let’s take a look at some of them and see how they can help you this winter.

Roller Blinds

First, let’s look at our Roller Blinds. These blinds have a big advantage because they comprise a single sheet of fabric and form an additional insulating layer over the surface of a window. When a roller blind is fully closed, there are less gaps for heat to escape. They’re also very good at reducing the glare from outside, which is especially useful during winter when the sun is low and bright.

ULTRA Smart Honeycomb blinds on doors and roof

Honeycomb Blinds

Our Honeycomb Blinds were specifically designed with energy efficiency in mind. Their unique shape traps air, and they’ve been proven to reduce heat loss by up to 46%. This makes them a great shading option during the winter, but they’re just as useful in the summer. You might not be thinking about keeping cool right now, but when the weather warms up again and your honeycomb blinds prevent excessive heat absorption, you’ll be glad you got them installed.

Classic Window Shutters

This one tends to catch people off guard, but our Classic Window Shutters offer excellent thermal control. The timber is a natural insulator, and when they’re closed, they form a nice, snug barrier over your windows. Shutters tend to get overlooked regarding heat retention, but they’re a great choice. See our blog on the energy-saving features of our Window Shutters here.

Lantern Roof Blind

ClearView Lantern Roof Blinds

Heat rises, so if you’ve got a lantern roof, a set of blinds is crucial for keeping your house warm. Our ClearView™ Lantern Roof Blinds can significantly reduce heat loss through the ceiling. They’re designed with an innovative structure for trapping air, and they can significantly reduce your energy bills as the Honeycomb fabric has been proven to reduce heat loss by up to 46%.

Bifold Door Blinds

It’s not just your windows that need looking at; you can also lose heat through your doors. Because of their large surface area, it’s important to make bifold doors as efficient as possible. Our Bifold Door Blinds are fantastic insulators and do a great job at keeping the frosts at bay. They help control the light levels as well, so you won’t need to keep shielding your eyes while tucking into your Christmas dinner.


If you’re looking for the best blinds and shutters for your home this winter, we can help. All our products can help control the temperature and light levels, so why not get in touch today? If you’d like to know more, you can download a free brochure and see our full range or book an appointment with one of our experts. We can’t wait to hear from you.