How Are Window Blinds Fitted?

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How are window blinds fitted? It could be an important question if you’re planning to install them yourself. Most likely, you’ll want to leave this important task to the experts – and quite right too!

Making sure your window blinds are fitted correctly is no small feat. You’ll need to make sure they meet your exact requirements, which could require precise cutting and trimming. Additionally, you’ll need the right specialist equipment.

That’s why the best way to get window blinds fitted in your home is to work with Appeal Home Shading. Appeal stops at nothing to bring you the best blinds on the market, fitted by the best installers. With us, you’ll get a made-to-measure blind fitting that completely covers your window, and without the risk of it going wrong.

how are window blinds fitted

Things To Consider Before Getting Your Window Blinds Fitted

Before you get your window blinds fitted, you should consult the instructions. That’s because, while most blinds have similar fitting processes, many have differences which are vital to consider. You could end up installing brackets in the wrong place, meaning that the blinds could either be misaligned or damaged over time.

Another thing to consider is whether you are mounting your blinds into drywall. If so, you’ll need to use drywall anchors, especially if there are no studs behind it. That way, you’ll have more stability for your blinds, and you won’t risk them falling and breaking. These are only some of the things to consider before you begin getting your window blinds fitted.

However, Appeal’s team know what they’ll be doing when they arrive. They’ve memorised the rulebook on a range of window blinds, meaning you’ll get them fitted without hassle or fuss. Not only that, but they won’t do any cutting or trimming on-site – they’ll know the precise dimensions from the off, meaning a quicker installation.

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Fitting Brackets for Window Blinds

Once you’ve done the preliminary work, you can start to get your window blinds’ brackets fitted. The brackets hold the blinds in place on your window, meaning placing them in the right way is crucial. Firstly, position the first bracket in the window frame’s upper corner, making sure it’s level to the wall. If your blinds have a decorative valance, you may need to set it back further.

From there, mark the locations of the screws, and repeat this process for the second bracket. From there, use a levelling tool to ensure the marked points are precisely level, then drill pilot holes through the marks. After you’ve created your pilot holes, you can screw the brackets in place, completing their fitting.

However, that process can go wrong, and any misalignment of the screws could lead to problems over time. When you get your window blinds fitted by the Appeal team, though, they’ll keep a level head. They’ll make the right points in the right places, fitting your brackets exactly as they should be and taking into account the specific needs of your blinds.

fitted window blinds

Installing Window Blinds

Once the brackets are in place, it’s time to get your window blinds fitted. This part is a little more straightforward. Start by sliding your blinds’ headrail into the open brackets, and then close them over the rail. By doing that, you’ll lock the headrail in place, ensuring it doesn’t have any issues with stability. With other styles, you may have to snap the headrail into the brackets.

From there, you should be good to go! All you’ll have to do is test your blinds in every direction they can open to make sure they’re performing smoothly. However, if anything isn’t quite right with the installation, it’s not easy to undo it. Not only that, but you may forfeit the manufacturer’s guarantee on your blinds.

When you get window blinds fitted by Appeal, though, everything will be under one roof. We’ll supply high-quality window blinds to your home, fitted by trained professionals as part of the same quote. That way, you’ll be covered by Appeal in case anything does go wrong during the process, giving you total peace of mind.

window blinds fitted

Window Blinds Fitted Fantastically by Appeal Home Shading

If you want window blinds fitted just right, then contact Appeal Home Shading today. We’re a company that provides window blinds in various styles, meaning you can pick one that suits your home perfectly. Also, we offer blinds for many other areas of your home, including doors, conservatories and more!

Once you’ve selected your ideal blinds, our installation team can help you make the fitting much easier. They’ll be on hand at every step of the process, and they’ll always go above and beyond to make you feel valued. Also, you can get a free design consultation with the team before you buy! As a result, they can help you see the possibilities our blinds can provide for your home.

Get new window blinds, fitted in style, today! Request a free brochure from Appeal to explore our full range, or book a free design consultation with our friendly, expert team.

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