Dorothy’s story

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We are delighted to support the work of Dartmouth Caring, our chosen West Country charity and will donate 35p for every brochure requested.

Each month we’ll be highlighting the fantastic work that Dartmouth Caring do to help the elderly and vulnerable residents in Dartmouth and surrounding areas.

Dartmouth Caring initially started supporting Dorothy, who has Dementia and was living alone, by providing help with shopping, cleaning and general assistance. They also helped obtain Attendance Allowance and a Carer’s Health & Wellbeing check for her family carer, alongside a home care package.

Unfortunately during a period when Dorothy’s family were abroad for three months, she was getting more confused and started to leave the house at unusual times to go for a walk. On one occasion she was found outside in the dark, in the early morning, having sustained a head injury.

After receiving medical care in the local hospital, Dorothy returned home but became upset and withdrawn. Dartmouth Caring visited her and worked closely with her family, neighbours, GP and local services, when it was agreed it was no longer safe for Dorothy to remain at home and helped organise a placement and funding for a local care home.

Dartmouth Caring continued to visit Dorothy, where it was noticed she needed some basic personal belongings. They worked with Dorothy’s Social Services Care Worker to obtain funds to buy some personal essentials and arranged for a carer to help her out. Dorothy currently lives happily in a residential home and was seen very recently by the charity’s member of staff who she knew best.

All names have been changed to protect identity.