Dartmouth Caring – Robert & Joan’s story

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We are delighted to support the work of Dartmouth Caring, our chosen West Country charity and will donate 35p for every brochure requested.

Each month we’ll be highlighting the fantastic work that Dartmouth Caring do to help the elderly and vulnerable residents in Dartmouth and surrounding areas.

Robert & Joan’s story 

Robert and Joan are in their late eighties and live in Dartmouth. Robert cares for his wife Joan who suffers from Dementia.

Dartmouth Caring first started to support them both in November 2014. Unfortunately Robert had suffered a heart attack and family were staying with Joan whilst he was in hospital. Once Robert discharged, a family member asked Dartmouth Caring to visit and help them complete Attendance Allowance applications. Both applications were successful and the couple now receive higher rate Attendance Allowance.

Whilst spending time with Robert and Joan, it was apparent to the support workers from Dartmouth Caring that Robert was finding his role as a carer challenging. Joan has no insight into her condition and was becoming resistant to his attempts to ensure she takes medication, maintain her safety or re-orientate her to time and place.

Dartmouth Caring worked with Robert in a sensitive and compassionate way and helped him find support with cleaning and companionship for Joan to provide respite for Robert.

During a Carers Health and Well Being Check, Dartmouth Caring also discussed other options and support available – day care at home, Take a Break voucher scheme, as well as the monthly Memory Café where the couple can meet other people in similar situations.

Robert has found the continued support provided by Dartmouth Caring useful, both for getting advice and information and for providing him with emotional support and a place to come and talk about the challenges of caring. The charity will continue to help as Joan’s health deteriorates and will assist with putting care in place when needed, any financial assessments and forms, a move to a home if required.

Dartmouth Caring will be there to support the couple through a very difficult time and a significant change in life.

All names have been changed to protect their identities.