Dartmouth Caring: Frank’s Story

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We are delighted to support the work of Dartmouth Caring, our chosen West Country charity and will donate 35p for every brochure requested.

Each month we’ll be highlighting the fantastic work that Dartmouth Caring do to help the elderly and vulnerable residents in Dartmouth and surrounding areas.


Dartmouth Caring first met Frank when they carried out a routine follow up call after he was discharged from hospital following an illness. Part of the charity’s work is to liaise with medical professionals and follow up with hospital patients who have been discharged into the nearby community.

Frank, aged 76, lives alone and his family are not nearby. Dartmouth Caring visited him with his daughter after sensing he sounded frail and weak on the telephone.

Frank was confused about the medication he had been sent home from hospital with and his daughter was concerned about how pale and weak he was.

Dartmouth Caring have a close working relationship with the local medical practice and they understand and trust the charity. They arranged for the local GP to call Frank’s daughter to ease her concerns, who arranged for blood tests and prescribed some drink supplements to build up Frank’s strength.

Within a few days, on their next visit, Frank was already starting to look better and within a week he had considerably improved and was much more chatty. Frank and his family are very grateful for the support Dartmouth Caring gave him and they remain in touch.

All names have been changed to protect their identities