Complete Guide to Designing Bespoke Blinds

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Designing bespoke blinds is a brilliant way of making your home more unique to you. Not only that, but you can take back control of your home’s climate, lighting and even privacy. Whether you have small or large windows or even doors, the glass in them can sometimes make your home exposed to the elements. Intense light and cold temperatures can often make your home feel uncomfortable.

But, with bespoke blinds from Appeal Home Shading, you’ll be able to control your home in style. Our blinds are durable, made-to-measure and come loaded with the latest technology to make them easy to use. Not only that, but you can customise the design with a range of styles, fabrics and colours.

You won’t only get to personalise your bespoke blinds either. At Appeal, we value making all of our customers feel unique. That’s why our installation service is personalised to your needs too. We tailor our service around you, going above and beyond to meet your specifications. That way, you’ll get a made-to-measure fit on your schedule for any custom order!

designing bespoke blinds

Styles of Bespoke Blinds

So, what bespoke blinds could you choose? At Appeal, we’re all about choice, which is why we offer a wide range of over 400 blind styles and fabrics for your home. You could choose our Roller blinds for a start, which can shut the world out quickly and improve your home’s insulation on cold days. And, with ULTRA Smart technology, you could get remote-control blinds too.

Additionally, you can opt for blinds that do more to save energy inside your home. You could select Aluminium Venetian blinds, which have robust slats that keep cold air out and capture more of your home’s natural heat. Not only that, but Appeal’s Honeycomb Energy-Saver blinds have a unique, double-layered hexagonal design that helps insulate your home all year round.

Finally, we offer soft blinds that give your home a sense of freedom and lightness. Finestra blinds have a unique, patented weave that makes them incredibly soft, perfect for doors when you want to open them fully in the summer. And, with our range of Pleated blinds, you can select from a wide range of bespoke colours and patterns to make your blinds as unique as your home is.

styles of bespoke blinds

Functionality of Bespoke Blinds

With Appeal’s bespoke blinds, you can also make the way you use them unique. That’s because, with all of our blinds, you can benefit from ULTRA Smart technology. ULTRA Smart can make your blinds automatic designs. As a result, you won’t have to pull them down manually – instead, they go down at the touch of a button to give back control of your home when you need it.

ULTRA Smart makes daily life at home a little easier. You can opt to close your Roller blinds to reduce glare inside your home, or to get a bit of privacy. Alternatively, ULTRA Smart Venetian blinds close quickly and smoothly, saving you the hassle of sorting them out. And, if you’d rather not close them fully, ULTRA Smart can help you with precise lighting control by tilting the slats!

Our bespoke blinds are functional in other ways too. Many of our fabric blinds are anti-fanning and anti-stacking, meaning they’ll always look neat and discreet. Additionally, we use durable fabric that doesn’t weaken after only a few years in our blinds. That way, you can make a bold, unique investment that’s built to last.

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Customisable Bespoke Blinds

With any of our bespoke blinds, you’ll get even more choice from the moment you pick them. That’s because all of our blinds are fully customisable for your home. Picking the right style and selecting options like ULTRA Smart technology are all crucial. However, you’ll also be able to tailor the look of your blinds to give your living space a new lease of life.

You can customise our Roller blinds with a range of designs and fabrics, and you can make them blackout blinds to shut the world out completely. Alternatively, you can add unique colours to our pleated blinds for a soft look that blends in seamlessly. You can also choose colours with a metallic sheen by selecting aluminium Venetian blinds that don’t fade for years to come.

You can also opt for unique dimensions to fit the largest and most obscure windows and doors. We offer blinds for conservatories, roof lanterns and other areas of your home as well. If you’d like a little bit more control over how your home looks and feels, get in touch with Appeal today! You’ll get bespoke blinds with less cost, less hassle and effortlessly.

Bespoke Blinds from Appeal Home Shading

With Appeal Home Shading, you’ll have total control over your bespoke blinds. All you have to do is tell us what you’d like in detail, and we’ll make your new blinds to order. From there, our installation team will fit them with care and courtesy, going above and beyond to work around your schedule and treat your home as they would their own.

If you’d like to find out more about what we do at Appeal, request a free brochure today. And, to see the full extent of the possibilities our bespoke blinds can open up for your home, you can request a free design consultation online with our friendly team today.

We look forward to helping you at Appeal!